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so damn tragic

so fantastic

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Name:this boy
Birthdate:Dec 13

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a million ideas, argyle everything, bad zombie no cookie, bad-b horror movies, bats in the library, cleverly named sheep, collecting the classics, corgi fur everywhere, damn fine cupsa coffee, eating gingerbread pop-tarts, empty idols, feeling no fear, ghosts hunting ghosts, green tea chewing gum, having an english degree, head full of voices, hideous things, homemade chocolate-covered gummi bears, house full of dogs, i draw the future, literature in foreign languages, lol cannibalism, lyrics for everything, moar ginger always, overwhelming desires to craft, pack-rattery, post-apocalyptic hermitology, rolling all over everything, romero is my hero, shape of my soul, so many pumpkiny foods, tea and biscuit tins, the heebie jeebies box, too. many. full. stops., virtuous lack thereof, well-placed instances of pretentiousness, when cats are ninja, will to be (in)famous
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